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Private Practice Consulting

A Bespoke Consultancy

Bespoke - adjective /bɪˈspəʊk/ (of a product) made specially, according to the needs of an individual customer

Private Practice Consulting is a boutique, specialized consultancy that works with small to mid sized legal and medical practices. Clients are strictly limited in number, geographic area, and to only those open to growth and willing to implement. 

As a very specialized consultancy, clients receive bespoke solutions that no other consultancy offers. The strategies and concepts employed are innovative and based on observations of consumer behavior over the last five years. Behavioral economics, game theory, and traditional operations and finance are tailored specifically for private and professional practices. Every little detail matters.

Through an innovative subscription service, clients are taken through the improvement process over 6 - 12 months. We work together to achieve a point where only quick monthly reviews and check-ins are needed.

You take care of your clients and patients while an expert cares for your business.

PPCNW clients WILL realize anywhere from 30% -100% growth within the 1st year while also reducing costs and improving operations.



Years spent helping and starting small businesses resulted in a family-run practice asking for help. Upon being told he was the first person that had ever understood their needs and the needs of their practice, an unaddressed market was found where a real difference could be made. Brian McKay, MBA now specializes in professional practices, addressing business needs specific to the practice and often neither recognized nor understood. From improving marketing, reviewing financials, addressing staffing, modifying strategy, and improving operational efficiency, he creates innovative and specialized solutions that produce cost-efficient results and the highest return on investment.

In prior work as a professional writer for marketing agencies that claim to specialize in digital marketing for law firms and clinics. Brian McKay has seen firsthand the mistakes that every "expert" makes over and over again. Too many are more concerned with looking smart than driving clients to your practice. Websites are crammed with 2500 words on just one page where 400 words and a clear statement of "let us help you" is needed. Too often no use of behavioral economics or market positioning is present whatsoever.

Brian McKay practices:

  • Elegance matters in every single detail and is an obsession

  • Your office personnel are worth more than gold when properly educated, placed, and empowered

  • Behavioral economics is essential to your marketing and presence.

  • Game theory drives growth and can now be more effective than ever for professional practices

  • Operations outside the scope of what your client pays for can be waste that should be evaluated often

  • Everyone around you has missed a segment or opportunity, and it is an advantage for your practice

  • Innovation is always possible for any profession

  • Everything has changed in just the last two years and too few have noticed or adapted

"My goal is to educate and involve my clients throughout the process with an innovative solution tailored just to them. True success is working myself out of a job. There is no wizard hidden behind a curtain, keeping them locked in to a marginal service for years." - Brian McKay


Meet Chris Taylor

PPCNW now partners with Culture Index to offer the most comprehensive advising and results for our clients.

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Chris Taylor, Culture Index Executive Advisor. I specialize in helping companies get the right person into the right seat.  My program is used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to startups looking to build a high performing sales team.  If you adopt Culture Index you can expect both a 20% increase in your year one topline, and measurable increases in your employee engagement. 

I have over 20 years of experience in challenging environments including time spent in Sales, Marketing, Training and Operations.  Over the years, business has taught me many valuable lessons, from a start-up that had a great idea but still failed to the opportunity to successfully launch a product in the US, Europe and Asia at a Fortune 500 company.  The one thing that continues to drive me is helping the businesses I work with grow and scale.

This is the best money my practice has ever spent for our business. We reached out to Brian for help. No one has ever understood the needs of a small practice and really found the best solutions until Brian. The benefits are being seen after our first month and we expect to double our business and almost triple our earnings over the next six months. We will be using Brian for years to come.

John Casper, MD

Maitenance & Review

A monthly review to stay on course and identify possible deviations or challenges ahead.

  • 2 Hours of Custom Work Product

  • 30 Minutes of Flex Call

$1000 / month

SMall Practice

Best for very small practices or practices with limited needs to address.

  • 3.5 Hours of Custom Work Product

  • 1 Hour of Flex Call

$1500 / month

Leap Forward

The best results and plan size for most practices. It addresses the time and attention most commonly needed.

  • 5.5 Hours of Custom Work Product

  • 1.5 Hours of Flex Call

$2000 / month

Extreme Makeover

For practices with a lot of opportunities for growth and improvement.

  • 10 Hours of Custom Work Product

  • 1.5 Hours of Flex Call

$2700 / month



Discounts are offered for small and not-for-profit practices.

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